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Happy Holidays - and Welcome to Moss Knits

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Patterns you'll make again and again...

'Tis the season – to knit! Whether we're knitting for gifts or for personal warmth-enhancement (!), here in Maine, we're excited that the annual season of making is upon us. At Moss Knits, we've actually been tinkering like elves for months, in order to launch our new line of hand-knitting patterns. For our first offerings, we've focused on relatively basic accessories, that are not complicated to knit, and that can be interpreted in multiple colorations and yarns. (Our 'Little Hearts' baby hats are shown above in reversed colorways.) Each design could work equally well in richly colored hues, subtle neutrals, or with variegated yarns; with stripes – or just one thick stripe; with pompoms or tassels, or not; fiber choices and 'small' details, can have a huge impact. We hope to inspire you to imprint our creations with your own unique style.

Knitting can be many things: meditative, stimulating, soothing, challenging – a pleasure to be shared or one to enhance solitude. Perhaps most of all, knitting is the art of combining fiber, shape, style, color, technique, and fit – to create a wholly unique creation.

So please enjoy our patterns to their fullest – and try them in many iterations. Happy Knitting Season to you and yours!